Create folders named for the feature they represent. When a folder grows to contain more than 7 files, start to consider creating a folder for them. Your threshold may be different, so adjust as needed. Angular.js has changed a lot over the past few years. As the framework has matured, not only have new features been added, but the style in which we write our code has changed dramatically. Here’s my first public airing of a recently reworked document for coding standards that I revise every year and share with all the teams I work with.

john papa angular 2 style guide

Nobody has the equivalent massive experience with Angular 2, and thus the Angular 2 Style Guide is a work in progress. The purpose of this style guide is to provide guidance on building Angular applications by showing the conventions I use and, more importantly, why I choose them. Separate route configuration into its own file. Examples might be app.route.js for the main module and admin.route.js for the admin module. Even in smaller apps I prefer this separation from the rest of the configuration. Be sure to perform the steps for all controllers, services, directives, etc.

Almost all of them will apply to all types of files. The Angular Style Guide has been written and updated to reflect the latest in opinions on the “correct” way to write and architect an AngularJS application. Part of the purpose of the style guide is to help ensure that code written today will be ready for Angular 2 when you decide to upgrade your application. If you have questions with the guide, feel free to leave them as issues in the repo.

Don’t write ‘use strict’; and don’t wrap JS code with IIFEs

I tried to share my reasons in this document to shed some light on how I think about the challenges and solutions. This has always helped me, and I hope it helps you. If you are looking for an opinionated style guide for syntax, conventions, and structuring Angular applications, then step right in. These styles are Advanced Excel Skills What are they & How to become Advanced Excel user based on development experience with Angular, presentations, Pluralsight training courses and working in teams. These styles are based on my development experience with Angular, presentations, Pluralsight training courses and working in teams. For Angular, the style guide to beat is John Papa’s Angular Style Guide.

john papa angular 2 style guide

In other words, start small but keep in mind on where the app is heading down the road. Connect and share knowledge within a single location 10 Awesome Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels for Kids Interested in Coding that is structured and easy to search. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

AngularJS Style Guide by Minko Gechev

It covers everything from how to name files, to how controllers/services/directives/etc. Should be written, and where to declare your variables. We no longer write our Angular code in one giant file or in a couple large files with names like controllers.js or services.js. As the framework has matured, conventions have been developed that make it easier for you to jump into another developer’s code and figure out where everything lives. I’m a big fan of style guides that layout these conventions. They remove some of the mental overhead of deciding how things should look, so that you can focus on the ideas instead.

I get asked a lot for style guides, how to get started once you learn the AngularJS basics, and what I recommend. This guide helps point in that direction using my guidelines. The purpose of this style guide is to provide guidance on building AngularJS applications by showing the conventions I use and , more importantly, why I choose them. It’s is not important to follow someone else’s guidelines as much as it is to understand why people choose what they do.

But there is enough traction now where we can safely say the foundations can be agreed upon and published. So when I do make the style guide publicly available, it will contain those foundations. John papa provides the best file structure according to me and also many useful frameworks like YEOMAN follows john papa sort of app structure. These are style guides there are no cold hard arguments for one in particular.

There are multiple versions of Angular, and thus there are multiple versions of the guide. Change your HTML template to use the new variable name. The following steps are presented roughly in order. Each step will roughly correspond to a rule in the John Papa Angular Style Guide. You should be able to complete each step and reload the page to test your work.


Unless you do use it you won’t see the best way to implement something by yourself moreover reasons behind the best practices. This style guide is built according to our role-model the Angular 2 style guide by John Papa. This style guide presents our preferred conventions and, as importantly, explains why.

john papa angular 2 style guide

As such, a friend and AngularJS expert Todd Motto and I have collaborated on many styles and conventions. I encourage you to check out Todd’s guidelines to get a sense for his approach and how it compares. Note that the names list and detail are arbitrary descriptive names for these components.

Relocating the Angular 2 Style Guide

The respective registered module names would be app and admin. In a previous project, I took that tutorial and updated it to be a full MEAN stack application. Data was stored in a MongoDB instance and was served up by a NodeJS/Express server. To simplify this post, I switched the Angular service back to use $http to grab the JSON file directly. In a follow up post, I’ll update the server for this application.

Use a short prefix to describe the area that the directives belong . For Scenarioo we use the prefix sc (e.g. scMetadataTree). This Style Guide should help you create best-practice solutions with 2sxc. Angular Stash is a collection of hand-picked resources and our own articles and interviews with Angular developers. I think you should read all of them and make up your mind what approach is better for your project.

You can learn more here at about how to contribute. Style Guides require experience building applications with the tools. My style guide for Angular 1 was based on years of experience with Angular 1, collaboration with other Angular experts, and contributions from the Angular core team.

They overlap on a lot of things that make sense, the rest is preference. Consistency is what’s important – pick one, or make your 25+ Best Wix Courses & Certifications Online in 2022 own, and stick to it. I find that the AngularJS community is an incredible group who are passionate about sharing experiences.

Checklist you can use when you need to perform a code review of an AngularJS 1.x application. This guide is not intended to serve as a demo of reusable code, code snippets, or advanced solutions though it may drop a few here or there. Rather it is intended to be a starting point for a team looking for consistency.

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