Accounting Cycle Explained : 8-Step Process

Content Adjust journal entries to fix errors. Spend more time growing your business The Post-closing Trial Balance Accounting Cycle vs Operating Cycle Recording Transactions Connect With a Financial Advisor Accounting Information and the Accounting Cycle Once the original source has been identified, the company will analyze the information to see how it influences financial records. […]

What is Cost per Conversion CPC and how to calculate it?

Contents: What Is Element of Cost in Management Accounting? Conversion Cost Example Prime Cost vs. Conversion Cost in Accounting Conversion cost is the sum of direct labor and manufacturing overhead costs incurred to turn raw materials into a finished product. Conversion costs are used in the generation of a manufacturing firm’s income statement and balance […]

Top 100 Bookkeeping Services in Washington DC

Content Bookkeeping Top Bookkeepers in Washington, DC The CTS Group, LLC Make My Day CPA Tax Organizers & Spreadsheets And one of the biggest areas that I found that’s really needed is the backroom and in your accounting. You need to know the numbers, you need to know your cash flow, you need to know […]

Is Retained Earnings a Current Asset? Finance Strategists

Content Beginning of Period Retained Earnings Where Is Retained Earnings On a Balance Sheet? How to Find Retained Earnings Accounting for non-operating income and taxes Example 1: XYZ Corporation The normal balance in a company’s retained earnings account is a positive balance, indicating that the business has generated a credit or aggregate profit. This balance […]

Direct, Indirect, or Both Methods of Reporting Operating Statement of Cash Flows

Content Cash Flow Statement – Indirect Method Direct vs. Indirect Cash Flow Methods Video Direct method cash flow vs indirect method cash flow: How they’re different Example of the Statement of Cash Flows Indirect Method What is the Statement of Cash Flows? Can Users Prepare Statement of Cash Flows Using Indirect Method if it is […]

Understanding the New Form W-4

All taxpayers saw these changes come to life in 2018 on their tax returns. While the IRS waited until now to update this form, this new Form W-4 reflects those changes to the federal tax code. If you received short-term disability benefits from your union, you will receive one W-2 which includes all other wages. […]